Workshop 2014 : Fissuration sous hydrogène

The Workshop on « Hydrogen-Assisted Cracking: multiscale interactions between theoretical concepts, simulations and experiments » sponsored by Labex Interactifs brought together 35 academic and industrial researchers in ENSMA on 25th of June 2014. This event took place in the context of the stay of S. P. Lynch (DSTO, Monash University , Melbourne, Australia) in the Department of Physics and Mechanics of Materials. S. P. Lynch delivered an extremely stimulating introductory lecture by defending his own vision of this complex issue that goes against the canons of the dominant thinking in this area. The following contributions have illustrated the efforts within the French community to improve the understanding of these phenomena.

Besides, during his stay, S. P. Lynch also gave a series of lectures on fractography, that is to say the description and analysis of the failure of structural components on the basis of fracture surface observations.

Workshop Participants

Workshop Participants



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